Episode 98: Rising Night Questions

Episode 98: Rising Night Questions

Date of Publication/发布日期
March 10, 2023
Curtis Westbay
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Volume 3 2022-2023

Hello, parents!

Seeing as we have had many questions about the upcoming Rising Night events, we would like to extend to you an invitation to have your questions answered.

Though we cannot stream these events live for a remote audience, rest assured that at the conclusion of each Rising Night the upcoming parent event materials will be shared with parents who show up. Given the fact that BASIS curriculum and graduation requirements are included in our presentation slides, please do not share them with the third party or use it for other commercial purposes. Whoever violates the stipulated policies as mentioned may well be subject to liability.

There are many questions that parents have regarding the transition to next year, regardless of whether or not your student is just starting high school or nearing its conclusion. For the next two weeks, please send any of your questions (in Chinese or English) to collegeadmission-biph@basischina.com

Questions that are of general interest will be answered in the next two weeks’ blog posts. Questions that are more individual in nature will receive a direct response from a member of our counseling team.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about:

  • course selection
  • grade-specific college application preparation priorities
  • grade-specific curricular requirements
  • standardized testing
  • or any other questions you may have

We look forward to hearing from you. We wish that we could see each and every one of you in person for your student’s Rising Night event, but even if you can’t have your questions answered in person, we will ensure that your questions will be answered.

The BIPH Office of College Admission